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 on: Today at 06:24:25 PM 
Started by Whereintheworld? - Last post by onemorefoot

 on: Today at 06:16:22 PM 
Started by Whereintheworld? - Last post by Whereintheworld?
How often do you take a shower? Is it tough?
At the beginning, I would remove the gauze from the pin/screw sites and sit on a plastic chair (make sure it is VERY STURDY!!!). Afterwards, you do not need to do a 'full cleaning' but just squirt peroxide on each site once they have dried.
Occasionally I would get lazy and just wash from the waist up so I didn't get my legs wet.

 on: Today at 06:10:35 PM 
Started by Whereintheworld? - Last post by Whereintheworld?

Thanks for this great diary. I am interested in using the HEF also. Can I ask ... did you experience any pin tract or wire infections during your several months in the frames?

Best to you,


Thank you. 
During lengthening, I would clean the sites every 4 days (3 days in between).
I paid another, separate doctor who actually ended up being my friend, so I don't regret it at all, but you can actually do it yourself if you want to. It may vary with other devices, but with the HEF I would-

-Rub some peroxide around each site
-Rub the disinfectant
-Apply new gauze

The doctor told me at the beginning that I would more than likely get at least one infection- I never did. However, the screw on each leg that went into the 'meatier' part of the leg both flared up once or twice. When this happened, I was instructed to clean those particular sites every other day for a week. After doing this they went back to normal, although they were still a little 'uglier' than the other sites. The pin sites (I may be wrong on my wording, but when I say pin sites I mean the skinny rods that go through to fix the fibula in place, while I say 'screws' to refer to the actual screws/bolts) would occasionally become a little irritated as well, but would return to normal after a few days. This irritation was usually related to the skin around them being tugged too roughly one way or the other.
***If you decide to clean them yourself, I would recommend someone doing it for you the first couple of times to put you at ease. It's not complicated, but can seem a little intimidating when you first start.

 on: Today at 05:53:27 PM 
Started by Whereintheworld? - Last post by Whereintheworld?
Good work so far sir,
I have some questions too.
As I am an American also, I'd like to know some more about your experience getting a visa.
What kind of visa is it? Tourist, Business, student, schengen?
I've emailed the team of Pili but they have not responded on this point, only giving me a link to find out on my own. I'm just curious about your experience.
I appreciate it.
As an American, you're allowed a 3 month visa free visit. During this time you can file for an extension with the local police department. As easy as it would have been to do this, I never did (I simply forgot). I'm leaving tomorrow and am hoping for an indifferent customs officer  at the airport, although with all of the immigration problems they have here at the moment, I don' think they'll care about me anyway(I'll post how it turns out).

 on: Today at 05:49:00 PM 
Started by Body Builder - Last post by vegeta24
I'm 5'7 and a half and I want to do LL. I might be on the taller end of the short spectrum but honestly I don't care. I don't plan on going over 5 cm. At this point I don't care if it helps me attract more women, that's not what I care about anymore. Will LL make me happier? A little, but probably not by much. I do agree that people should not get a second surgery unless they are closer to the average spectrum. All in all it shouldn't matter what we think of someone else, everyone has their own opinion and if they want to take the risk like all of us than so be it. We're the only ones to blame if something goes wrong.

 on: Today at 05:45:34 PM 
Started by Whereintheworld? - Last post by Whereintheworld?
Hey Whereintheworld?. Good to hear you're doing well!

I have a few more questions to you:

Have you stayed in Lecco all this time?
How did you cope with loneliness? Have you met any other LLers? Did you live by yourself?

Thank you.

Yes, I lived in Lecco the entire time. When I took all things into consideration, it just seemed easier to stay until the process was finished. Loneliness was not too much of an issue as every day I would have someone bring me food or drop off a few groceries, so it was not total isolation. Plus, the internet really helps a lot in this regard.
I did not meet any other patients, although I saw a few outside of the doctors office a few times when I went for an appointment.

 on: Today at 05:20:16 PM 
Started by Body Builder - Last post by crimsontide
no problem..

Please link to these studies which show  that after   achilles shortening,  avg  plantar strength of  the participant's   surgical leg was measured to be  over 80% of the non operated leg.

@ crimsontide: thank you for your kind words first of all.
About AT shortening, the biggest research which included 11 patients who had this surgery after tendon elongation from bad surgeries after AT rupture and were under the observation of dr Mafulli, maybe the best doctor in the world about achilles tendon surgeries (he only does orthopaedic surgeries to ach tendons, nothing else!) and is also on the internet, have much greater results than 50-55%.
The average push off power was restored to 82% and calf diameter was about 3 cm less compared to healthy foot (less than 10% difference).
And all the patients except from 1 said that they couldn't feel any difference between their legs, healthy and operated one.
So my friend, at least on papers, AT shortening seems to work a lot and after all, my calf size is already less than 10% smaller than before ATL (I'm an amateur BBer so I always measured my muscles and I know exactly the difference) so 50-55% of gastrocnemius reduction is far from reality, at least for relatively young and healthy patients.

I'm sorry for the off topic post but I"ve read a lot about what I"m going to do and have an excellent doctor with great experience on ach. tendons, so I know why I am so optimist about this surgery. After all, even now with overlengthened tendons (especially the left one) most of the times I am generally speaking good and walk normal, so if I wasn't sure about the good incomes of tendon shortening (at least on theory and what research shows) then I wouldn't have considered doing it.
I hope that everything will be ok with me and  maybe you consider doing it too in the future.

@ Dointgitforme: first of all congratulations for your diary and your smooth LL experience.
You have many right points on what you say but you know something? I'm very happy with anything else in my life and I don't want to-can't improve anything else in my appearance because I'm lucky to have a good face and my body, after 11 years of continuous working out (with only 2 years break after LL) is at its best.
And I wasn't been rejected for my height too, at least openly, but I"ve many times heard that I'm not tall enough or that I'd have been much better if I was 5.11 and these kind of comments.
And after all, I know that if I were 5.11 I'd have been more aesthetic looking than now and if we want to discuss and about proportions (which doesn't matter a lot for me) it is better for someone to have equally lenfgthened femurs-tibias compared to someone with just 7.5 cm lengthened tibias.

So, there is really no reason for not doing another LL and reach my dream height.
Money doesn't matter for me if I'm completely happy with myself and have social benefits from height (which you don't have when you are shorter than about 5.11) and risks are not many with femur LL with a capable doctor.
For all these reasons, a second LL is really something that will improve my life a lot.

 on: Today at 05:13:37 PM 
Started by CaptainAmerica - Last post by Penguinn
One of the mods split the thread and my response to the original question carried over there, so here's a link to it for reference:

 on: Today at 03:35:08 PM 
Started by egocentrical - Last post by egocentrical
In no way am I a bodybuilder - i weight 54.2kg I'm super skinny, so the weight in training with is already light to begin with - its that I know in skinny and don't want to ideally become skinner, I'm planning to digest around 2500-3000 calories a day and increase this during lengthening as needed while doing light weight upper body training and when possible, walking and cycling with light weight resistant bands - seem reasonable?

 on: Today at 03:18:30 PM 
Started by Chris - Last post by egocentrical
I guess it's hard to say ATM - the surgery itself tho didn't seem shoddy nor the care ... Wonder what the x-ray will look like, if I went there -  I might ask for ideally for the support of the 10cm screw even if that's not what I'm going for so that i don't run into the same complications?

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