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 on: Today at 02:12:52 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by Datum
But every now and then, the clowns tell the truth and you know.

 on: Today at 02:09:28 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by Auron
You Auron stop making fun. I'm fking serious and I don't know why Musicmaker LHFAO
She is lmfao'ing because it's funny. I'm making fun because you're this forum's troll. We all love you very much, you keep us entertained <3

 on: Today at 02:08:44 AM 
Started by childish_bambino - Last post by Bander72
Yes women have disadvantages but it is not EQUAL to the chanllenges short men have. So the short fenimist women if you were to say your chanllenges were equal to a 5" 2 short man in the streets then they would laugh at you and wonder what is wrong with you.

 on: Today at 02:02:16 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by Datum
You Auron stop making fun. I'm fking serious and I don't know why Musicmaker LHFAO

 on: Today at 01:58:23 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by musicmaker

 on: Today at 01:57:56 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by Auron
And some turn into trolls!

 on: Today at 01:55:49 AM 
Started by opsycat - Last post by Datum
Some people got disabled. Wheelchair for 3 years is possible. One person in this forum.

 on: Today at 12:51:42 AM 
Started by childish_bambino - Last post by childish_bambino
WOW so many replies, Thank you all! TBH this can be an imitadating website but thanks for answering my questions without making me feel stupid for asking (:

@overdozer're probably right. are the scars on ext. tibia that bad? Do you have any examples? I tried looking around in the forum but most photos are from guys that are tan+hairy so I couldnt see their scars that much and Im fair skin-ish and have no hair to cover my scars lol. I would be committed to do scar removal too...maybe I'll just shoot for 10cm (total,so femur and tibia combined) is that alright? (I just want to be average) Also, why do you recommend internal for tibia, and how much cm on tibia would you do if you were a 5ft girl already committed to LL? Just curious, since you have lots of experience with LL.

Even with a heels though (casual everday wear heels, like 2inches) I'm still not average...but I get what you're saying. Thanks for direct about it. TBH when you put like that, in terms of opportunity cost, there are other things I could be doing rather than being in a hospital for months..

okay, noted. thanks for the input and honesty.

@body builder
I get the points you're making, and they are valid, but the thing is...I'm not really doing this for dating-related reasons. I just want to be average, not have to shop in the kids/teenage section, not have to tailor every pair of pants and dresses, reach the shelf without tip toeing or jumping or asking some other person, not have to be hyperaware of everyone elses height...small stuff like that. But maybe it's not worth it, idk. I was like 88% committed before posting this forum, but after everyone's replies, Im not sure.

"Everything to gain but nothing to lose" damn...just when i got my heart set on the surgery you plottwisted me with i have everything to lose? really, I think I need to put things in perspective.

As a member of the 5ft girls association, thanks for not caring, LOL. Also, the references you gave about your doctors being 5'2 or 5'3 are encouraging, even though... they're still taller than I  T_T

"But if OP is like me, she cares less about finding a suitable partner and more about how she looks next to a crowd of normal, average people in her home country. How she compares to the height of her coworkers, her boss, the cashier at Burger King, and whoever she meets on a daily routine. If that bothers you a lot OP, then yes, LL could one day be an option for you. Take at least one year to think about it though." MY INTERNAL DIALOGUE EVERDAY, i just want to be normal. I'll take another year to think about it then, thanks yo thanks.

SAME. My kid will be on that HGH life if he falls behind average, which will probably happen since I tend to date "short" guys (5'4-5'7). even though tall guys are nice to look at... with short guys, we just see more...eye to eye...........................bu dum tiss

I didn't know girls had more complications like that :O You speak the truth though, the part about being not being taken seriously...I can't tell you how many times guys have made side jokes about my height...and I hate being treated like a child but there are worst problems in the world, like my bone density leading me to having multiple fractures...:/

Girl, as a future computer scientist who was born and raised in Silicon Valley, I know where you're coming from in terms of being scared that our height(+gender) will affect our careers...Also, high-five, my grandpa was italian too!

and I'm a feminist too, but you seem to be a little too aggressive in your endeavor to prove a point to Chris, and although i think its totally acceptable for any girl to show aggressiveness, regardless of your gender, you took an L when you made the generalization that all guys on this site are clueless. Just like any man saying all girls on this site are clueless, these phrases are the opposite of gender equality, we shouldnt make any generalizations about any gender on any topic, especially negative generalizations.

I can feel your frustration, sxxism is a serious issue that deserves discussion, but Chris ain't that guy. /:

Also, when you said "None of you can't say if height matter for a short girl, expect the short girl herself. ", just remember that I asked them,

Lastly, sociologically, it is true that society is harder on short men. However, not every individuals life, yours included, always obey sociologically-placed assumptions like this. So it can be true that your struggles with your height have caused you the same amount of pain as it would a man's, but it's also important to realize that what Chris is saying isn't wrong either. Height standards for both genders are real in their consequence (for men, the consequence is stigma/trouble dating/ etc etc ; for women, it can be the same, or more, most likely less, but not always)but consequences very from person to person's experience, and on average, men do face more consequences from their height. But that doesn't have to invalidate your experience. In other words, You can both be right

Yall need to empathize with each other more, how can you expect him to validate your struggles with height if you can't even give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he might just like cute girls for no truly mysgonistic reason.

On a side note, im making the assumption youre about to start college or are in college, we might be doing LL at the same time!! If you ever decide to get it done, we could potentially meet at the same hospital years from now ahaha. Good luck to you!! I hope you make a diary and your scars heal nicely!!

Basically the same ^^^ stuff as I said to Analisa, but on an extra short note, please don't say you'll slap a girl for spouting feminist-ignorance ): You gotta see that she's coming from a world of struggle and sxxism so try to empathize with her frustration and then talk her down and discuss the problems with her statements...Like LLsouthamerica said, try to understand each other. Yall both coming from a society that craps on you, so maybe instead of trying to compare the experiences, just validate it, because we'll never really know what it's like to be the other gender/height.

on a side note, thank you answering my question! Good luck to you on your LL journey, and thanks for making me feel better about my potential LL decision, I'll be more grateful for average height ^^ It's encouraging when someone tells you to just do it, LOL

 on: Today at 12:36:59 AM 
Started by jexus - Last post by jexus
The funny thing is. Sometimes (really rarely) after a long painfull walk, the pain goes away immediately and I feel completely good. Then after some time it comes back again. Esspecially when I wake up in the morning it becomes almost unbearable to walk.

 on: Today at 12:23:24 AM 
Started by jexus - Last post by Body Builder
Out of curiosity, what monorails did you have? Pitkar, Orthofix or from any other company?
I'm asking, because my monorails from Pitkar were fully weight-bearing at ~60kg body weight.
Orthofix. I was 80kg when I did my surgery but I doubt if they coud fully bear 60kg. I think that yours couldn't bear so much weight too. If you lengthened more than 3-3.5 cm you could see that you wouldn't walk without pain and after less than 1 cm more you wouldn't walk at all.

At about 2cm I could walk too but after 3, no way.

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