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Author Topic: Forum Rules of Violation - Etiquette & Behavior  (Read 6034 times)

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Forum Rules of Violation - Etiquette & Behavior
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:25:45 PM »

Here's a list of the most common rules violations. Please avoid these kind of behavior described. 

Extreme or persistent breaking of the forum rules will lead to a permanent Ban and you will not be able to access the forum.

To sum it up one sentence,  be civil toward others and don't be rude.

Major Violations 

1)  Insults,Hostility,Threats toward other member(s).    This also includes
(a) Name calling and swearing toward other member(s)
(b) provoke other member(s) into hostility aka trolling
(c) threats of violence,harm
(d) Inappropriate jokes  (ie.  racism, rape)
If you feel a member commit the above offense toward you, PM the mods to enforce the rules instead of replying the same way.   

We encourage constructive discussion and feedback   but not if you resort to any of the above ways.

2)  Multiple Accounts/Impersonation

Each member is allowed only one account.    If you forget your password, reset it.  If you are unable to reset the password , create a  new account and clearly state in the username or signature space (user profile) that its a new account and the same user.

Attempt to impersonate or mimic closely somebody else usernames is not allowed.

(3)  Intentionally Posting False Information

4) Harassment, Abuse of PM
Do not continue to send PM if a member does not wish to receive any PM from you. Abusive PM are to be reported via the report button.

Minor Violations (will result in temporary ban or warnings)

5 )  Taking a thread off topic

Do not derail threads with posts that are not related to the topic of the discussion. RePost into a relevant topic or send a PM to interested parties to discuss privately. 

Other examples

(a)-Getting into an heated argument with someone
Either agree to disagree or start a private conversation with that person in  a civil manner.

(b)- Constantly replying to a thread (or multiple threads) by repeating the same points and not adding anything new/constructive to the discussion.   This will be treated as trolling and may lead to a permanent ban in repeated cases.

6)  Misc  (General Reminders)

(a)- Do not post topics in the wrong sections.  Understand  what each section is for.
(b)- Use the search function. You may find your questions have been asked previously.
(c)- No Image, offensive slangs or Links in signature
(d)-No religious or political debates. These topics  are not welcomed and will be locked/deleted.   The main topic here is LL Surgery. 
(e)  No Shouting text  (i.e. ALL CAPS LETTERS)

The rules may be updated as necessary.
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Re: Forum Rules of Violation - Etiquette & Behavior
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 03:12:23 PM »

Hello, I'm with a doctor's office mentioned on this forum. We would like to forward a complaint regarding a member of this forum and a particularly offensive post we believe is directly related to several offensive communications we have received at our offices.

The post in question defames the doctor, his practice and his motivations for providing CLL surgery. More seriously, the post suggests a violent act be carried out against the doctor, namely that he be "kicked in the head", and now a second, similar threat has been made to the doctor and his staff.

I would like to ask a moderator to review the post in question for any violations of this forum's rules. After a review of this member's other postings on this forum, there appears to be a consistently aggressive and offensive pattern of using vulgarities and making offensive political comments regarding Muslims and Swedish people. He claims to be 5'11" and is derisive and gravely misinformed about CLL surgery in general, which begs the question why he is on this forum for any reason other than to antagonize.

I'm not sure how to reach or "PM" a moderator. Please advise. Thank you.


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Re: Forum Rules of Violation - Etiquette & Behavior
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2019, 08:36:39 AM »

Hello, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to modify or edit a post. Could you please help provide some direction?
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