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Author Topic: Successful Regeneration of Ligament & Achilles Tendon Using Cell Technology  (Read 779 times)

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We studied the possibility of restoring the integrity of the Achilles tendon in rabbits using autologous multipotent stromal cells. Collagen or gelatin sponges populated with cells were placed in a resorbable Vicryl mesh tube and this tissue-engineered construct was introduced into a defect of the middle part of the Achilles tendon. In 4 months, histological analysis showed complete regeneration of the tendon with the formation of parallel collagen fibers, spindle-shaped tenocytes, and newly formed vessels.

I thought this would be interesting, especially to our members who have undergone ATL and also how this technology would be applicable to all soft tissue damaged during lengthening. I do believe in the future, that instead of the difficult task of completely preventing the damage that occurs during limb lengthening, instead stem cell treatment will repair it completely. 


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This is a revolutionary step for tendon healing.
Although I truly believe that the bad outcomes of atl are due to the new length of the tendon and much less due to the less power of scar tissue that goes between tendons after the surgery, the cell technology will really help in tendons, muscles and ligaments injuries and maybe it will help for better tissue regeneration which will improve the outcomes of LL especially when we lengthen a lot (more than 5-6 cm).

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