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Author Topic: My SAD Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB  (Read 1239 times)

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My SAD Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB
« on: July 25, 2019, 05:02:15 PM »

I decided to tell all of you my sad history of cooperation with doctors Kulesh Solomin, who is so widely known in orthopaedic circles, especially aesthetic orthopaedics, and in particular, among foreign patients who go to them because the prices for operations are 3 times cheaper
So, since I live in St. Petersburg, I decided to contact Dr Kulesh.
I found out about him on the Russian-language website on leg correction where his contacts and the list of services he provides, including leg-lengthening, are presented. This advertisement was placed, if not personally to them, then clearly with his knowledge, and maybe even on his instructions. And by the way, this is confirmed by the fact that the contacts that were indicated in this advertisement turned out to be quite real, and it was for them that he answered me.

 I wrote him an e-mail address — the very mail that you all communicate with him, he answered, “I will be happy to help”. At the same time, please note, I immediately wrote to him what medical care I required. It did not cause any questions.

He answered me only that to start a further conversation, you need to do an x-ray of the lower limbs and come to me for a consultation. He recommended X-rays to be made in because there is better equipment. He said that he would agree on what they would do to me there with a doctor who makes X-rays it is his acquaintance. In general, in the beginning, everything was very good and nothing foreshadowed as they say.

I took an x-ray, then we agreed by e-mail about the time and place of the consultation. It was held at the Hospital of the Holy Great Martyr George.
For the consultation, the doctor Kulesh asked for 2000 rubles, and at the very end of the consultation. It was the NUMBER. Before that, he never wrote a price for a consultation. Well, it is, little things., I thought then. Although it was necessary already then, of course, to be wary of it. I was also somewhat surprised by the fact that Kulesh put the money for the consultation into his pocket, without writing out a receipt for me, that is, he conducted the consultation illegally, and by cash.
Well, again, even this did not bother me very much, because I was more concerned about something completely different — the operation itself.

Just at that moment when I first wrote a letter to Kulesh, I quit my job and decided to pause to take care of myself. And just decided that it was the best time for this operation. In other words, or now or never. At that time I was already 39 years old, which also indicated that something urgently needed to be done.

But at the same time, I understood that for such a fairly expensive and long-term treatment, when I needed at least six months or even a year not only not to work, but also to hire some kind of help around the house and perhaps some kind of medical help. In general, the costs according to my calculations were rather big. I did not have such savings.

At the same time, I had long thought about selling my room in a communal apartment, I decided that part of the money would be spent on this treatment, and I would invest the rest in another real estate. But I just didn’t have time to wait when I earned money for this operation. This room was my only accommodation so that you understand the seriousness of my intentions.
Therefore, I put the room up for sale and told Kulesh that I was not yet ready to set a date for the operation, and that would depend on when I got the money. Therefore, some time passed between our first consultation with him and the second, namely several months.

During this time I sold my room and made the final decision that I would do the operation.

And again Kulesh wrote her final decision .

And began a circus with horses. But not at once. Because first, Kulesh invited me for a second consultation to determine the scope of the operation, and decide what I should do and in what way.

It is not clear why this meeting was needed, but I decided that it would not be worse.
However, at this consultation, Kulesh, without telling me practically nothing, except that he wrote on a piece of paper the approximate cost of the operation decomposed into components and two options in the state clinic and MEDEM and the approximate terms and plan as well as issued a conclusion with a diagnosis that did not correspond to reality . Writing out this paper, Kulesh said - this is for you so that you get a referral for a free operation in your clinic and pass free tests. I clarified whether it is possible to do part of my operation at the expense of the MLA, if he gives me such a conclusion, to this he told me very annoyed I could NOT BE! (and why are you then forging the documents). Perhaps even he puts the left diagnoses, receives funding for it, and he carries out such operations as he needs, that is cosmetic. but I can not argue of course.

After this second consultation, we discussed some other pre-operational issues in email correspondence. In particular, I asked him in a correspondence about the operation with the use of pins if it was possible for me to do this. I note that at the consultation he didn’t say anything to me about it at all, and I didn’t know about it either, and therefore I couldn’t ask anything. Later I read about this method on the Internet.
After that, something strange happened and my doctor, that is, Kulesh broke. Later you will understand the reason for all this, but at that time I just received an answer from him - for such an operation - that is, operations with pins I need to come to him for a consultation a third time and always with the curator. Then, incidentally, Kulesh said that a curator is needed for any operation. The word curator for all this time was heard in our communication for the first time. I asked who the curator was. I did not get a clear answer, except that the curator should go with me to all the consultations. FOR ALL CONSULTATIONS. A person is not all at home easy.

Even if we assume that my relatives would live in St. Petersburg, for example, I would live with my mother or my husband, why should I carry someone with me just for consultation? Do I have 10 years or something? Or my relatives should have been completely free enough to go with me to all consultations during working hours, for example.

In my case, it was generally impossible, because I live in St. Petersburg alone (Kulesh probably went to drink soothing when he learned what happens in life, he then thought that the girl first lives with her parents, and then immediately she is transferred to bail to her husband and thus, an independent woman can never be, and live alone, especially in an unfamiliar city for sure.


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Re: My Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2019, 05:06:56 PM »

Well, based on his words, I make such a conclusion. By the way, later, in the correspondence, he wrote to me suddenly, and just in response, let's say on some of my questions, that I probably have problems with my head because I demanded to give him a certificate from a psychiatrist that I am not registered in the IPA. The requirement of such a certificate in itself speaks volumes about a lot - because such a certificate does not exist and he as a doctor should know about it.
Well, as a result, after his demand to provide the curator, and my refusal to do it, with detailed explanations why I cannot bring the curator and do not consider it necessary to do this, Kulesh wrote me the final verdict on my situation. - the operation will not be without a curator. I remind you once again that not a word was said about it at first.
I asked
 I have a doctor in charge, there is a medical staff in the hospital who will help me, if anything, I can always come to the hospital, call or write to the doctor, and the main thing is that I can hire some kind of nurse.
But you do not know the truth, which later became clear. And why does the doctor in fact demand the curator so strenuously, without even wanting to hear anything?
It turns out that this miracle doctor had a history of one story. I emphasize - ONE story for ALL his practice, and at the very beginning of this practice.
The following story - the doctor had a patient, the girl was then 20 years old. She had a curvature of the legs. Kulesh made a correction. And then something went wrong with them, I am sure that it was the doctor’s mistake in communicating with the patient because, in principle, Kulesh had great difficulties in communicating, and this patient put too much on her feet, and as a result she had some complications. Guys, I don’t want to describe this story in such detail because I don’t know half myself and I’m not interested at all. Here the fact itself is interesting, why did this doctor appear at all? I’m not afraid of this word crazy idea. Everything turned out to be simple - it was just some patient who he, of course, thought was crazy, which probably gave him some unnecessary complications and therefore since then he has nothing more than a psychological trauma on this ground and now everyone should lead the curator, just in case. Just because he wants to. I even got the impression that this is such a revenge of the doctor chtoli.

By the way, after I created the topic about Kulesh on the Russian-speaking forum, it was his patient who came to my topic and wrote how it really was.
In general, the patient described this case from her position according to her, the whole problem was precisely in Kulesh and not in it. On the Russian forum, she described in detail how it was, I'm too lazy to copy it all here if you are interested in writing, and I will translate it here and upload it.
I want to return to the chronology of events in my case.
So, I received relatively speaking refusal to provide services.

Of course, I was horrified because I had never, in principle, thought that it was possible in this life to take and refuse the patient unilateral assistance. At the same time, it became clear that he would not back down from his position, although I described to him in detail that I could NOT provide him with any curator.
This is what a normal person would do in this case. Yes, I would simply enter the position, and suggested ways to solve it, right?
And then the fun began. This is already more likely a story about the Russian reality, but still behind this, do not forget anyone else but Kulesh, who all this time has not given way so to speak and did not do what he was supposed to do.

After communicating with him by email and his refusal, I turned to the hospital administration. First I arrived, verbally described the situation, brought a printout from the mail with his messages, and the direction given to them. I asked for help with the operation and with such a doctor eccentric. I thought, honestly then, that the administration would help, especially since you yourself think about it, because I was their client, I wanted to do the operation at my own expense.
The nachmed talked with me and he answered, we will understand it and if it is confirmed that this is all true - we will dismiss the doctor first of all for taking money for consultations past the cash register.

It took some time I do not remember exactly how much, I call asking, well, how did you figure it out already? We do not answer anything intelligible, it seems that they have figured out, but what further action is unclear, and whether I will be operated on too. I asked what about the operation, they told me that the doctor hadn’t been fired, but they wouldn’t have such operations. In short, they refused me again, but at the hospital level.
Hmm, I thought. To be honest, it was at that time that my eyes opened to all medicine and since then they have not closed anymore. I became if you want to study this question. But now is not about that.
So, what did I do when I received a refusal. I wrote a complaint. They responded to this claim. With their response, they finally convinced me of their eee corruption. And what else. They wrote that they say I have no medical indications for such an operation. !!
In general, I realized that they were openly lying. It was of course very interesting to me how they were going to get out of this situation.
I filed a lawsuit in court for the recognition of the refusal to provide medical services to be unlawful.
The court denied me in the lawsuit, but again this is already a story about the Russian realities, do you see the court more precisely that a specific judge decided that I simply didn’t need this operation, which was good enough for me, and the whole decision seemed to fit this thought. At the moment, the decision has not entered into legal force, so it is too early to judge whether it is a legitimate decision. But even if the appeal fails, I will definitely appeal. therefore, it is quite possible that these are peculiarities of the local mentality, in particular the female mentality, and then the court will have an opinion. Already to others. And even if our courts do not understand me so to speak, I will definitely appeal this decision further to the ECHR. So this story is far from over, although Kulesh probably sits and thinks so.

In general, this is the story. About Solomin will be a separate post, until it decided not to load you with such information, or rather shock content.
Well, who and what thinks about this and about this miracle of the doctor now?

dr kulesh

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Re: My SAD Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2019, 10:59:28 AM »

... after investigation by police and by St. Petersburg court decision claims of this person are recognized as unreasonable

I'm not sure, if any clinic would agree to provide that surgery for that person

best regards, dr kulesh



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Re: My SAD Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB
« Reply #3 on: August 26, 2019, 07:32:57 PM »

of course you Kulesh can lie to foreign citizens you like to lie, do you?
but i know the situation so you cant lie to me
why you didnt mention that court will be in september and it will be ( probably ) not the final instance.
and that police didnt check you because it is RUSSIA (and not because you are innocent )  but didnt check you YET !never  forget about it
you dont know me although it is strange itself after all . )) but i will not give up

i ve read that you are going to continue surgery in MEDEM after the break in september so i suppose you hope after appel you will be free? you are mistaken again ) this break was about all this situation and checks
good luck Kulesh))


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Re: My SAD Story about doctor Kulesh Russia SPB
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2019, 10:49:26 PM »

Hi, I am from St. Petersburg.
I'm also interested in increasing the height.
Let's get in touch?

p.s. Пока читал форум так и думал, что иностранцев обманывают.
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