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Author Topic: 8cm LL Effect  (Read 422 times)

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8cm LL Effect
« on: July 04, 2020, 02:07:30 PM »

How much will 8cm change my look ? Will my shoulders look worse?

I am grateful that i have been lucky to be born with very very wide shoulders and body with 0 gym, after 8cm will I look bad or still wide just not as wide as I was.. a lot of people complimented me on this and I dont want to lose it, do you think 8cm will still be in place ?

Can someone send a link from a serious research that has the average , skull/arm/leg/shoulder size of a 188 or 190cm person ?


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Re: 8cm LL Effect
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2020, 01:11:01 PM »

Only you and the people in real life who know you can answer this for you as know one on these forums know what you look like and I would not upload pictures either in case you get exposed. What I did was I sat down with my family members and genuinely asked them if I could handle the leg lengthening given my proportions and they gave me an honest answer. They would not want me to look like a freak so they gave me a straight forward honest answer.

Also stood up on a stack of books next to my 5ft10 brother too see a comparison haha.
Measure your wingspan and try not to pass it by more than 3-5cm. Sitting height is not as relevant as many make it out to be unless you lengthen 12+cm. Wish you all the best with your decision!
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