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Author Topic: after this photo we all should stop focusing on wingspan and torso ratio  (Read 121 times)

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the shorter one is someone i know he is 171 the taller one is like 2 meter with the same fking torso may be 85cm fo both so  what do you think the taller looks hot for most girls endstory am i right ?look guy the more you have long legs with good body you are eve more attractive the only thing to keep in mind you could pass your wingspan by only 2 inches so a guy with 170cm ht and 179 can easily get to 183 with 2 consecutive surgeries 8 f 5 T .longer legs mean more attractive if you are not to skiny or to bulky from your shoulder that makes your arm looks shorter .ll just for the looks ok i wish you all to be content with your new height

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