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Author Topic: what can you tell me about my proportions (5’5.5” or 166)  (Read 146 times)

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what can you tell me about my proportions (5’5.5” or 166)
« on: October 14, 2020, 07:40:49 PM »

I’m curious about what my numbers reveal to a trained eye.

Wingspan: 5’7” or 170
Sitting height: 34.5” or 87.5
Standing height: 5’5.5” or 166

I know that the wingspan standard is that it equals your standing height typically, maybe being a bit longer (like mine) or shorter by a few inches, but don’t know much of anything about sitting height. I think I remember seeing that sitting is usually half of standing, which would mean that my torso is long and my legs are short, and doing LL to become 5’9 or 175 would balance my sitting/standing ratio. I was actually projected to be 5’9 by my pediatrician when I was growing up so that would make sense.


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Re: what can you tell me about my proportions (5’5.5” or 166)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2020, 04:32:43 AM »

I did this a while ago, I may be wrong, but measure the point from under your privates all the way down to the floor. now divide that number in centimeters by your height in centimeters. typically that number is .46. You have to estimate with your added height if it will surpass 0.49. I believe if you surpass 0.49 or 0.5 that will be unnatural in regards to proportions of legs versus torso. Mine for example went from 0.46 to 0.49, the upper limit of the leg to body ratio.
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