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Author Topic: My journey in Singapore with Doctor Sarbjit Singh. Internal Femurs using Precise  (Read 9649 times)

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I got tibia LL done in Singapore by Dr Singh Sarbjit and I had to get correction done by an actual LL doctor, Dr Lee in Korea. So let me share my story here in the Dr Sarbjit Singh section.

Just for your reference I had surgery done by Dr Singh in q3 of 2018.

What happened to me was I got an infection in my left leg at the distraction site, it was actually swelling up within the first 3 days of surgery but the doctor said its normal and to me it could very well be.

But after a couple weeks it turned out to be an infection, maybe I should have asked for more antibiotics? Or maybe the doctor should have prescribed it.. I'm not a doctor, I follow doctor's directions to the T.

Anyways there are 2 types of infections, 1 that happens at the skin level, and 1 where it is bad enough that it reaches the bone and ultimately the stryde nail. And bacteria loves metal, once it reaches the metal you're f'ed.

Apparently Dr Singh Sarbjit works in Myanmar as well at some hospital there (random I know) so instead of paying the super high Singapore costs I went to Myanmar (out of all places..) to get the infection removed.

At first it looked ok, Dr Singh Sarbjit also wrote down in an official letter that there was no infection at the bone site whatsoever and it was only skin level.

I even took IV antibiotics + almost 8-10 weeks of deep bone antibiotics just to be sure.

But even with all this, I was getting this weird sharp pain in my leg. There was nothing noticeable outside but there was a sharp pain inside. And the x ray shows a dark spot inside my bone. Which is very weird because there shouldnt' be any dark spots in the bone itself.

Dr Singh kept telling me no infection no infection, it is the x ray machine, it is my imagination, it is blah blah blah.

Long story short, it was an infection, and a bad one too. It looked like it has been sticking to the metal for months and eating away at the inside of my bone. It was basically a chronic infection that came about from the surgery itself.

I found this out after I went to Korea to see Dr Lee. Actually Dr Lee was treating me for something else that I didnt even know. Apparently the ankle screw that connects the fibula to the tibia wasn't even connected.

Dr Singh had drilled like 4 times lol, in my right leg ankle, and in all 4 tries he basically left the screw hanging in space. The screw looked like it touched the tibia, but at the very edges, so I had to get that treated, you dont want your fibula to be uneven to your tibia.

For anyone looking to do tibia LL, don't believe any doctor that says "your fibula doesnt matter, it is a useless bone" this just shows what an ignorant idiot doctor this person is. "ahem ahem Dr Singh ahem ahem"

But while I was getting my fibula fixed by Dr Lee (both legs by the way), he cut open the area I told him was hurting and found the infection. It basically had melted away that part of my bone into mush. Crazy right.. that sort of infection only happens after months and months, I saw Dr Lee around the 3 month period. AND this was after all the antibiotics I took and the additional surgery to clean out the infected site by that idiot doctor.

Dr Singh the whole time said no infection, he was even the surgeon that cleaned out the infection site and he said no bone infection, everything was basically no no no, I am never wrong, all other doctors suck (man you guys should hear what he says about Paley and Dr Lee and all these other doctors) (he is f'king hilarious, talks so much  , but at the end of the day he is the con artist himself)

But yea, I am finishing up my treatment at Dr Lee's, basically I needed to remove my stryde nail and use an external fixator. EF for right leg to pull down my tibia, EF for left leg for both stabilization, lengthening/shortening if I wanted, and to pull down my fibula.

Funny thing is, I met ANOTHER patient here in Korea who Dr Signh f'ed over as well. This guy had the exact same problem, the doctor put some "screws" or some screws for show lol in the ankle and it didnt do anything, just a piece of metal hanging there.

He has to fix his fibula both legs, one of this stryde was bent or something in the tibia, and in the femur, my god, his femur stryde wasn't even on tight enough, it was loose and he went to Dr Signh for x ray and Dr Singh would lie about the length of his femur distraction. Now his right leg femur is longer than his left leg lol. Dr Singh would lie about the x ray and then he went to another hospital to do additional x rays and found out he was being lied too.

Just a few other points I forgot to mention: one of the large screws was facing the wrong direction in my left tibia (discovered by dr lee), if you search my posts (with x ray pics) you will see that my left tibia wasn't even straight, it was crooked, also my knee joint pain was due to the screws being too high (mainly wrong position in my left tibia.. was he drunk? I dunno? I mean I did go have surgery after a major Singapore holiday.. maybe that fool was hungover).

Let's just disregard my main points above, number 1 infection, number 2 no tibia/fibula connection with screw, there was even a whole host of problems (crooked leg due to dr Singh not aligning the top and bottom bone correctly), knee pain due to the screws being in odd positions poking into my knee ligament, and screws facing the wrong way (which we can all say oh whatever its still in the leg right?) but a skilled doctor wouldnt make these mistakes, less drill 4 times into my right ankle.. and not even get the fibula and tiba together.. geeze.. need glasses?

So yea.. I'm leaving Korea but he will be coming here to fix his problems as well.

Dr Singh is crazy for sure, this guy talks so much  , and he makes so many mistakes. I wonder how many patients of his will have any kind of deformations down the line because of his inability to fix the fibula to the tibia.

For most of us who just recently did the surgery, there is actually not much pain at all if the fibula is shorter, BUT it is PROVEN that in later stages of life after this misalignment is locked in place after bone consolidation and you keep walking and running with this, there is a much higher probability of deformity.

Long story short people, save your money and go with a reputable doctor, I've met people from India, China, Singapore, (there was a patient from Greece but didnt get to meet), etc at Dr Lee's because of other doctor's lack of skill and knowledge.

You want a doctor that provides stryde at a cheap price? Don't. Stryde is USELESS if the doctor CAN'T IMPLANT IT RIGHT.

Just save your money and go with the reputable doctors... In Asia, I would recommend Dr Lee HANDS DOWN. He aint cheap but damn hes good. Europe no clue sorry. America.. had friends go to Paley and heard hes Amazing as well. Choose wisely people.
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So, I just want to update on my journey:

I have been hitting the gym, and start to train more seriously on my legs as I should have in the past 9 months....

I could jog now ( even though not as fast as pre-op, but progressively improving on a weekly basis). I hope I could reach level 10 on the treadmill by the end of November. (I am at level 7 now). I jog at level 14-15 pre-op. My legs do not feel tight anymore as I lay down like many months ago, but in some complex movements, I could still feel the tightness ( I am not sure at the moment if it will stay like this forever)

Regarding marathonrunner: I feel bad for you buddy. I am not sure if I am the lucky one or you are the unlucky one. I hope that you could recover well from this horrible incident, and get back to run marathon soon.



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Hey @Singapore can we actually see some leg photos please. I went through 4 pages of content and it's mainly food posts and an x-ray on a forum about limb lengthening.


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Hello Singapore, How long does it take from the pre chẹckup to the actual day of the surgery?


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hi Singapore
thank u for your posts.
can i ask you a question:
how long did u get at last?
6.5-7cm is your your goal which you mention.
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