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Author Topic: Why i think gym stunted my growth...  (Read 327 times)

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Why i think gym stunted my growth...
« on: April 09, 2020, 11:07:00 PM »

Hello guys , im a 20 years boy and since 6 months , i have started to get very self conscious about my height , ....i started gym when at 1 march of 2017 and i just had the 17th birthday at 30october 2016 .. i started lifting hard  because my motivation was really strong at those times , i started to eat too much and got bulky in 3 months i just transformed body too fast..i was exercising everyday and when the school finished that year i quited exercising on home and went to the gym , i was gaining to much muscle because i was very passionated when i saw myself progressing , everyone liked that thing and bla bla bla .. sorry for writting to much bs because i want to get to the point where i am now .. so i lifted hard till february of 2018 , then i quitted gym because of exams , but i fkin regret now too much that i started lifting at that time , i dont remember the starting height before lifting but it wasnt too much i think i was 170cm or something .. so now i am 174 ,i am very depressed of that thing , i think for it everyday i wake up .. like it is my fault .. in fact it is but at that time i didnt care for height because i was sooo fkin motivated .. i feel it was a big mistake .. my father is 185 cm and my mother is very short infact ,(maybe less than 150cm).. i just really dont know what to do i think this depression will go away after a loong time ..but i am really sure that i would grow up taller because i was that way .. in fact i always was a short/low average height guy but i was sure that i would be a late bloomer because my uncle was like me .. internet stuff that i have beeen reading is so confusing ..the majority says it doesnt stunt growth .. it really doesnt stunt growth but it slows the growth and that is definitely aa right answer i can tell it by my experience .. i had all the times the same gym tshirts and they fitted me like always so it means that i grew a very little .. i pray to god that this is false but i just cant keep thinking like that ..and here i am today scrolling for the doctors to undergo a surgery to get taller .. im really upset because i really fked up but thats the life ..i wanted so bad to get muscular and today i hate everything that is related to irons and gym .. i know there is no evidence about this big myth but noone cant change my mind that the gym didnt let me grow at full potential . i just pray that i didnt loose more than 5 -7 cm from weightlifting. i know i sound so dumb and so crazy but if i ended 173 without doing gym i wouldnt be here because i knew it was genetics and thats it . but damn bro this is a good pain in the ass .. i hope i dont get worse ..if i ever would lhave the money for LL i would go for it because fk it we only have one life .. we cant be sad all the time life too short for that ..


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Re: Why i think gym stunted my growth...
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2020, 12:57:31 AM »

You shouldn't worry too much about things you can't change. Focus on things within your control


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Re: Why i think gym stunted my growth...
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2020, 01:39:18 AM »

^ and working out cannot really stunt your growth maybe other than pressure against spinal growth but even then in the unlikely case it's 1 – 3 cm you're talking about. Based on your mom's height it's kind of likely that you're shorter than your dad. It could've been worse though, so let's just look past what could've happened and focus on the future.
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