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Which height would you agree with as the ideal male ht? (male and female voters)

Shorter than 5'11"
Taller than 6'1"

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Author Topic: Statistical & Anecdotal Proofs that 6 Feet is Ideal, Taller is not ideal  (Read 60522 times)

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If we are talking about looks, I will agree that 6'0 - 6'1 are the most attractive heights, but not everything in this life is about getting sxx (but definitely vastly more important than the mainstream media says). Other important things for an ambitious male include career and athleticism. In those aspects, 6'0-6-1 are an advantage and good enough, but not ideal. Taking a more holistic look at life and not just the dating scene, I want to say 6'5 is the ideal height. Taller than 99.9 males worldwide, marked advantage in sports (tall enough to go pro in any sport, even NBA and professional volleyball), great advantage in politics and business professions. Not too tall to make daily life a MAJOR inconvenience. maybe less ideal for women, but it's not like they will avoid you like the plague. (unless you are ugly, but assuming average in other aspect of life). considering dating, business, politics, sports (recreational or otherwise) I believe 6'5 is the absolute ideal.


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So, i'm 6'1 and i got a girlfriend, when i was 5'9(i was ugly and nerd) now i'm the more strong and most tall of my school class. (and beauty and height is more high than average of my school)

I'm looking for growth alternatives outside LL.
Start height when i found the forum: 178,5cm 16yr 185lbs.

Actual morning height: 1,85,3m 17yr 225lbs
I started to gym and wanna be a profissional bodybuilder.
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